March 24, 2012

March 24, 2012 - What Is This?

His wife was away on business for the week. It was nothing new. Neither of them had to work, but she felt the need to. Some smart business decisions on his part made them enough money to retire young. Yes, the money she was making was good. They didn't need it, but it was good. All he wanted was for her to be home more. Talking to her wouldn't work, so he came up with a plan.

Walking through his large house, Jon made note of all the rooms. As it was a custom built house, his plan was sure to work. This plan had been in the making for several years before they had this house built. The floor plan was made just for what he was going to do. A friend of his had already set things up for him in the basement. Having a close female friend has it's uses.

Diamond, her street name, was an expert at what she did. It was hard not to be with girls being so trusting. She made a fortune getting this nice, sweet American girls and turning them into nothing. Of course, she was careful. Her money was kept nice and clean, just like her hands. Diamond never went out to get the girls herself. And she never got what her 'customer' didn't want. Usually it was something more exotic, but Jon, he wanted the all around American girl.

She didn't ask questions as she finished her work and snuck back out through the basement entrance. Jon's footsteps echoed loudly in the dungeon like basement. His wife had never been down here. Probably a good thing as she would have tried to get him to get rid of it. It was his hard work and his money that kept them going. There was an extra phone line down there, just in case. The phone rang. Rang. Rang. He picked it up.

"Hello? Hi honey, how are you? That's good. That's wonderful! I'm so proud of you. Are you still going to be home Friday night? Thursday?! No, it's not a problem. Yes... yes I know. It'll get done. Love you too. Bye."

Jon turned around and looked at the room full of chained up, naked girls. All of them about 5'5", thin, blonde, shaved. They are dark from dirt and filth. His smile is sinister as the girls shake from the cold. Their small bodies shiver. Their delicious green eyes look at him with fear.

"Well, my dear little girls, I am your Master. You will address me as such. You are here because God brought you here to serve me. The woman who brought you here is a servant of God. What she did to you, she did because God commanded her to. Do you understand?"

They all shivered and nodded. All the girls were virgins and raised to be good Christian girls. Telling them it was God's will made things all the much easier. Diamond really knew what she was doing because not one girl questioned him or cried.

"Now, I'm going to allowed you all to bathe. I will here no complaints about the water, but you will be allowed upstairs once you have all dried off. There are towels down here if you need them to dry off. Otherwise, stand here at the bottom of the stairs to dry off until I call you. Understand?"

They nodded again. None of them spoke just yet. Diamond had told them not to speak unless they were upstairs and only when acknowledging a command from Jon. He unchained them and fondled them a little as he did. One girl flinched and almost cried when he touched her breasts. He chuckled to himself and went on to finish the job. Once he walked up the stairs back to the main part of the house, he heard the sounds of them cleaning themselves.

Moving to the security room, he checked the cameras. Some of the more shaken girls were being washed and hugged by the stronger ones. From the looks of things, they were comforting each other by saying God wouldn't have put them somewhere if he hadn't have planned it. It only took them ten minutes. The water was freezing so the girls did their best to speed things up. The number of towels was only 3, and there were 12 girls. They took a bit of time trying to dry off so they could go upstairs for some warmth.

Jon left the security room and went back to the basement door. There was an intercom button hidden in the wall. Pushing it, he called the girls upstairs. Surprisingly, they were all smiling. None of them argued as he gave them various tasks around the house. They cleaned the house and were working on preparing various meals. Though the house was very large, the girls were very efficient. If only my fucking wife did shit like this for me. He thought bitterly.

They looked beautiful as they took care of the house. Once they were finished the next job was to please him after lunch. It was simple, but good. They were allowed to eat at the table with him and they each shared a room with 4 other girls. After the table was cleared and dishes were washed, they came back to the table, crawling under it. Slowly taking off his pants, they kissed and licked his lower body. He enjoyed them immensely. They knew exactly how to please a man. He sat back as they dragged the pleasure on for an hour before giving him a much needed release.

Before he knew it, it was Thursday. Jon's wife Jenny was coming home that night. The girls were all lined up inside the front door. 6 on either side of the door, naked, on all fours. They looked beautiful. He was very proud of them. None of them answered to a name. All of them had learned when they were being called individually. That's when he heard his wife's car door close. He opened the door before she got to it, greeting her with a kiss and hug.

"What the fuck is this?! What they hell are they doing in my house?!" Jenny screamed as she walked through the front door.

Jon just smiled. "What are you talking about? This is MY house. You never paid for any of it. I designed it, I helped build it. They are in MY house and follow by MY rules. Just like you will."

>He enjoyed the shocked, almost scared look on her face as he kicked her legs out. She fell on the floor with a loud thud. The girls didn't say anything as he nodded. He had told them several scenarios which they may have had to act out. They dragged their Master's wife into another room and prepared her. The stripped her, bound her, and gagged her. Jenny struggled as they knelt beside her, waiting for Jon to come back and do what he had planned.

"Jenny, Jenny, Jenny. What am I going to do with you? What am I going to do to you? Oh wait, I know. girls?" All the girls stood. "You remember what I told you when you first got here? This is why my wife is like this. I want you to make sure that you do to her what God's servant did to you." They nodded and collected a few items before he left. He bent over and whispered something in his wife's ear that made her start to cry.

A few hours later, Jenny was kneeling beside Jon, listening to his every word, following his every command. Every night, she cried herself to sleep while the other girls curled up and slept soundly.

On the mantle was Jenny's tongue, preserved as a warning to everyone entering his house.

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