February 15, 2012

February 15, 2012 - Story Time

This is a story from another blog of mine. It's entirely fictional, so don't come crying to me if you believe a word of it.

It hurts. Oh God.... Why is this happening to me... I was a good girl.... What did I do wrong?

There was rough rope holding her wrists together, pulling them over her head. Her ankles were also bound. Everything hurt and no amount of struggling could stop it. She could see everything. There were tools on the wall she had never seen before. Kari was a city girl, and these looked like obscene farm tools. Every so often there was a flash of light from somewhere in the room. Little red lights dotted her field of vision. At first she thought it was from the flashes. It took a moment to realize they were cameras.

From somewhere, she heard a lighter. Someone kept flicking it. In front of her eyes, she saw what looked like a cloth torch. It was lit. Trying to open her mouth to scream, she realized, for the first time, that she couldn't. There was rope in her mouth in a make-shift gag. Tears streamed out of her eyes as she realized what was going to happen to her.

Torch still in front of her face, a burning sensation ran up her leg. There is more than one?! The burning moved to her bare stomach. When the hell did I lose my clothes? Kari's arms and legs were now being held down as the torches were dancing over her skin. She didn't realize it at the time, but they were retying her wrists and ankles. Now spread-eagled on the table, the torch tickled the inside of her thighs.

She kept pulling and struggling to get free. The started talking about what she could only assume to be her. The language she didn't recognize. It didn't change the fear she felt. Her head hurt and her legs and stomach were in pain from the light burns she still received. Other than her head, her body had been shaved. She was completely smooth. Now, her wrists at ankles hurt more than they had earlier.

The rope felt slippery. Am I bleeding? Someone was licking her right arm. They were sucking on her wrist. The fire came back and tickled just above her shaved cunt. If she could have screamed she would have. The sucking stopped. Slowly, the face of a man came into view. Blood from his mouth was dripping down onto her face. Kari closed her eyes and tried to scream. Laughing surrounded her. The fire was gone, but the bloody man had moved around to cover her entire body with his.

No words were spoken as he forced himself into her. Knowing she was a virgin, they laughed as she bleed a little at the rough penetration. More blood seeped from her body as she was stretched and torn. Nothing serious, just enough to bleed. Hands and mouths found their way to her body. Her nipples were teased with rough fingers and eager tongues. Mouths were latched onto her wrists and ankles, enjoying the taste of her blood. She couldn't tell how much time had passed before she lost consciousness.

The next thing she remembered, Kari woke up her in bed. There were light burn marks on her body. Her long black hair was wet and a little stiff. There was no hair on her body. Her body was sore.

Her wrists and ankles were stiff; there were marks. Blood was spotted on the sheets.

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