November 19, 2012

November 19, 2012 - A New Beginning

This is sort of an intro into a new Mass Effect Role Play universe known as Garretverse. This intro is for Tyla Kikosika. As this is posted here, I shouldn't need to explain that the tweets for her are 21+, mature, and dark.

I hope you enjoy this work. I know I enjoyed writing it!

Tyla lay curled up in the Wards. The Citadel was, thankfully, a big place. It would be a while before someone found her. At least, that's what she hoped. It was a lot harder to hunt there than Omega. But there were those on Omega that wanted her gone and lost to the Void. So she left the busy and blood streets of Omega of the clean and empty ones of the Citadel.

Her current alley was quiet. The man she had next to her had finally stopped crying. His short dark hair matted with blood, his breathing shallow and quick. He wasn't dying, but he was badly wounded. A krogan and a salarian walked by where she was hiding. Still a little nervous, she tried to move farther back, stuck against the wall. The man shivered.

"Shhhh, it'll be ok. I'll make the pain go away. Just have to wait a little longer."

He whimpered, causing her to give him a soft kiss. His body responded to her touch. Slowly, she removed his dirty, stained clothing. Taking his limp dick in her hand, she slowly stroked him. The man's breathing quickened with arousal. Despite what she had done to him earlier, he couldn't help but enjoy what she was doing now.

"Jason... You are very responsive today. If you do well, I'll let you eat something."

A small smile crossed his lips. Tyla didn't know if it was his real name, but he seemed to enjoy it. With skilled hands, she shifted his position. It gave her more access to his body. More access to parts of him she wanted to enjoy. He moaned softly as she lifted her sundress a little, straddling his waist. Kissing Jason again, she slips his cock inside her. Still a little disoriented, he tries wrapping his arms around her.

The token effort was not lost on her. Feeling very generous, she helps him out as she bounces on his cock. He groans more out of pleasure this time than pain. Wrapping one arm around his shoulders, her other hand plays with his hair. He seems to enjoy it, trying to thrust up into her. She kisses his eyes, increasing her own speed as she fucks him in the alley. Her ears perk up at the sound of more people walking by.

Tyla can feel he's close, keeping him silent by kissing him deeply, tongues dancing. No one stops or looks down the alley as she feels him release inside her. Staying on top of him, she coos and purrs softly, trying to reassure her lover. She may not have cum, but that didn't mean she didn't enjoy herself. And he had done rather well.

"Thank you, Jason. That was good. Maybe next time we can work on me, ok?"

He nodded slowly, a small whimper escaping his lips.The man was terrified that she would let him starve another day. So when she stood and adjusted her dress, he watched her carefully. When she skipped off, he panicked. Jason was far too disoriented to try moving. And he was tired from the orgasm. but it wasn't long before she came back, food in hand.

She was also holding a bag. Placing the food to one side, she pulled a towel and some water from the bag and began washing him. Tyla took her time washing Jason's body before she redressed and fed him. His gratitude for her overshadowed his fear of what she would do next. It was where she wanted him. He would behave well now. He would behave and she could control him better.


It had been three days since Tyla had taken Jason. After the sex, she found an empty apartment to move him too. Even though he was well behaved, she never let him leave. He didn't mind. The fact he was alive was more than he could have asked for. She took care of him when he behaved, punished him severely when he didn't. He was a fast learner, though. And it wasn't like she made it hard for him to listen and obey.

But it wasn't going to end well. She was running out of funds she brought from Omega. And she was getting very hungry. This would be the night she finally did it. The night she would finally get to eat what she craved the most. Tyla didn't believe it would be a nicer guy.


Jason couldn't scream. The first thing Tyla had cut out was his tongue. He wasn't dying, though. Thanks to the lovely little omnitool she had kept from times past and a large supply of medigel, should would be able to keep the blood in his body until she was done. There was classical music playing in the background as she made little cuts all over his body.

In between every dozen cuts, she waltzed around the apartment. Tears streamed down his face. Written all over his body was one question.


"I'm very sorry, Jason." She frowned, crouching in front of him. "You were fun. And well behaved. Really. This isn't you. I'm just hungry!"

She very carefully started skinning his arms and legs. Strange cries escaped him as she flayed him alive. His pain was obvious, but all she did was stop him bleeding out. Her play toy and food source was not about to die. Not if she had anything to do with it. A slight giggle escaped as she set his skin aside. There were racks there for her to tie the skin to. She planned on drawing when she was done.

For now, she watched Jason cry in pain. He just lay on his back sobbing. Tyla decided to tie his skin to the racks now. It was better to do it now and give the poor man a break. Though he was really more of a boy now. When she had finished, she skipped back over to him, smiling.

"You are so much fun. I really wish I had time to find someone else."

He couldn't cry anymore. He was getting dehydrated. She sighed, walking over to the kitchen and bringing a bottle of water back. Jason tried to escape her, but the pain was overwhelming. Instead, he just lay there, shaking. She moved behind him, helping him sit up and letting him lean against her. Cooing softly, Tyla helped him drink. The act of kindness was confusing. What was even more confusing was when she reached down his body and started fondling his genitals.

A half-whimper escaped. A half-whimper that quickly turned into a moan. His mind was racked with confusion, body unable to resist her skilled touch. With slow, calculated strokes of her hand, she was able to bring him off in a couple minutes.

"Such a good boy." She kisses and licks his neck. He shivers. "Still so responsive to me. Maybe I'll keep you like this. Or get you synthetic limbs once I get yours."

His cock twitched at the thought. If he hand synthetic limbs, he could fight back. And maybe even win. Her grip tightened around him. No, he wouldn't be allowed to win. His livelihood depended on her now. His enjoyment. His pleasure. She had him in her hand. Literally and metaphorically.

She was still stroking him as she moved him to a plastic-covered bed. Every step was painful. Every move agony. Tyla whispered sweet nothings to him as she lay him down. Whispered things a lover says. A wife. He tried to cry, but she kissed him hard, her tongue running over the scar that remained of his tongue. She almost regretted cutting it out. He had been quite skilled with it.

There was a slight debate in her mind of what she wanted to put him through. Opening her OT, she punched in a few things before giving him a pain killer. A sigh of relief escaped Jason as he lay on his back. Tyla climbed onto the bed beside him.

"Will my good boy listen more?" He nodded slowly and she got on her hands and knees. "The get behind me. I know you want this." He nodded again. "Come on. Get up on your knees behind me and fuck me."

The painkillers did their job. He wasted no time getting behind her and burying his cock in her tight, wet pussy. She purred and moaned, feeling his muscles against her skin. Jason wrapped his arms around her, holding his chest tightly to her back as he fucks her slowly. Her back was wet with tears. Not from pain. No. These tears were sadness, fear. He didn't want to die. But more importantly, he had fallen in love with his Mistress and tormentor.

She had asked him to fuck her. Instead, he made love to her, kissing her back, running his hands over her. He couldn't feel much anymore from them, but he wanted to show her affection, hoping to extend his life. They often changed position, taking short breaks in between. For how good he was making her feel, Tyla was able to forgive him for disobeying. For the first time in a while, she cuddled against him while they slept.


Tyla wandered the Presidium with an old army bag slung over her shoulder. The bottom of it was stiff and caked in dried blood. In fact, most of the bag was stained with it. It had been three months since she had finally killed Jason. She cried a little. It always hurt more to kill someone she was fond of. But he was well loved when he died.

With a heavy sigh, she wandered, watching the people walk by. There weren't as many humans as she would have liked. The other species always made her stomach hurt. Another sigh escaped her lips as she sat on a bench, going back through what she had done to Jason on her OT.


She had woken up on the bed with Jason. She hadn't removed any more skin, but she had shaved his body. It was always easier to work when there was no hair to get in the way. It had been a couple weeks since she had skinned his arms and legs. Tyla had managed to find something to eat for them. But it wasn't satisfying for her.

Unwrapping her body from his, she slipped away from the sleeping man and went to get her tools. It was mostly just a large Bowie knife and her silver skinning knife. Tears dripped down her face as she sat back down on the plastic beside him.

"Time to wake up, Jason. Time to wake up and see the last day of your life..."

Her voice was soft and distant as she gently roused him. He woke slowly, the old fears about his demise back. She shushed and cooed at him. She leaned over and whispered softly. Unlike many of the others, she was going to numb his pain, make it quicker. Relief washed over him as he turned his head and kissed her. Jason felt so much love for her for that.

The injection was quick and there was no pain. His body felt numb as she continued to kiss him, Bowie knife in hand. Tyla broke the kiss and stared deeply into his eyes. As the blade sliced through his neck, she watched his eyes fog. Now she could let herself enjoy his body in the most intimate way. Taking off her yellow sundress and setting it aside, she drunk deeply from his neck wound.

His blood tasted wonderful and warm. She didn't skin the rest of him. There was no need if he was dead. Cutting his arm at the elbow, she broke it, ripping is forearm away from the rest. She did the same with his other arm and his legs at the knees. Digging her teeth into the muscle, her entire body shivered. She had waited so long to do this. The orgasm ripped through her and she cried out in pure ecstasy.

Nothing gave her more pleasure than the taste of raw, warm flesh. The rest of his body lay cooling on the bed beside her. Before digging into it, she placed his body parts in the fridge. This meal would have to last her for a while.

With the parts put away, Tyla bounded back into the bedroom with a giddy smile. She didn't even bother with her knives as she dove at his stomach, tearing at his flesh with her bare hands. It wasn't long before his blood and chunks of his body coated the room. Childish giggles and squeals escaped her while she rolled around on the bed.

Her hair was matted with blood and various pieces from several internal organs. Not that any of that mattered to her. She crawled over Jason's body, grabbing what was left of his arm and positioned it for herself. He had been good with his hands, too. His arm would have to suffice for now. The stump was still oozing a little. That only made it more arousing for her.

Slipping the stump inside her was something she hadn't done in years. She shudders at the feeling of his cooling arm deep inside her as she rides it. It isn't long before she orgasms, laying back down beside the partially mutilated corpse, arm still inside her. Her breathing is a little heavy from the orgasm, but nothing she isn't used to. However...

Tyla knows she is going to have to finish quickly. This isn't like Omega. Someone will smell the body as it starts to rot. Slipping the arm from herself, she empties the body of organs, dumping them onto the floor. Leaving the rib cage intact and the rest of the bones in place, she curls up inside his body cavity for a quick nap. She figured she might as well enjoy sleeping with him one last time before leaving him forever.


She was still looking at her OT when a C-Sec officer came up to her. He was turian with a design on his face she hadn't seen before.

'Miss, I'm going to have to ask you to come with me.'

She stared up at him like a child. "Why?"

His voice was stern and commanding. 'I will explain everything to you once I get you to C-Sec.'

"No you won't. You're a liar." Tyla pulled out her Bowie knife as she stood in front of him. "Liars shouldn't get to live."

The look on the turian's face was one of pure shock and surprise. When it next spoke, it was a mix of turian and english, calling for back-up. There was a smile on her face as she lunged at him, catching the officer off guard. Her knife, however, only grazes his armour. Two more officers, a human female and another turian, grabbed at her arms, trying to pull her back.

Screaming, she struggles against them, breaking free from the human before she bites at the mandibles of the second turian. He growls as another two officers grab her. The female human calls in, reporting the incident and the need for additional officers. The turians hold her arms and legs as she tries to struggle against them. Knife still in hand, she manages to cut someone. Red blood splashes onto her dress followed by a bit of blue.

One of the turian officers yells that he's been injured and her right arm is released. With renewed vigour, she lashes out again. More blue blood stains her yellow sundress. Finally, the knife is pried from her hand and she is bound. A crowd had gathered around the scene of a girl attacking several C-Sec officers. The officers were too busy with Tyla to disperse them.

Finally, after about an hour of fighting, they manage to restrain Tyla and carry her back to C-Sec. Almost dragging her though the Academy, they put her in a corner, unsure of the proper protocol to deal with her. And there were few places to put individuals that there were problems with. So for now, gagged and bound, Tyla knelt on the floor of C-Sec with two human male officers guarding her.

But she didn't plan on being there long. No she did not.

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