April 15, 2012

April 15, 2012 - School

Little paper cuts all over your fingers as you flip through the pages of your books. They really are terribly boring. Not much you can do about it, though. You just sit there listening to the man at the front drone on about something uninteresting. Half the people in the room are asleep. Joining them in lullaby-land would be a bad idea. This is the last class you need to pass. Then you are out of there!

You aren't expecting what is coming next. The professor strips down and calls one of the female students up. She almost looks excited to be up there with him. That dirty old man. Some of the guys have their pants off and are starting to masturbate. The sight of the young, bouncy blonde being fucked brutally by the professor must have been a real turn on for them. Someone is touching you now, feeling your breasts. It's your cousin. The one that used to pull your hair and throw mud and rocks in your face.

This is the last thing you wanted. You try and pinch yourself to make sure you aren't dreaming. Sadly, you are wide awake. A couple male students are now surrounding the blonde and your professor. One of them has even taken the place of the blonde. It's your boyfriend. He is surrounded by cock and loving it. This guy, the same one that was always shoving his hand in your pants in public. This would explain a few things.

But your mind is elsewhere now.

Your cousin and another guy are kissing all over your body through your clothes. It isn't long before someone pulls out a knife and starts cutting and ripping them off you. The lecture is long forgotten as hand and tongues cover your body. Guys and girls alike take turns with each other. Sucking cock and eating pussy. Those are the lessons for today.

That, and a massive orgy. But it won't last for long. You hear sirens. You aren't sure what kind until paramedics rush into your lecture hall and start dragging people out.

Turns out, someone put ecstasy in the school's water. Your class wasn't the only one that this happened to.

But there is a catch...

You and your cousin didn't drink the water at school today...

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